PRINCESS: Information for Care Home Staff

Would your care home be interested in hosting the PRINCESS study?

The research team are very happy to speak with staff from care homes that may be interested in hosting the PRINCESS study. We can provide further information and answer any questions that you may have.

Please note that at present we can only include care homes in the Oxford or South Wales areas (although please do contact us to register your interest even if your care home is elsewhere in the UK).

Lactobacillus: 'Good' Bacteria

Participating care homes: staff queries

If you are currently working with us on the PRINCESS study and have any queries in relation to the study or study procedures, you can find further information in:

  • the PRINCESS Care Home Manual
  • the PRINCESS Site File

Alternatively, you can speak with your PRINCESS Study Champion  (whose name is recorded in the Care Home Manual), or with a PRINCESS Research Nurse.